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Skin candy family


The Skin Candy is a Family Owned Small Business owned by a Mother/Daughter Team.  We started in 2017 with the idea of providing high quality handmade bath, shower & skin care products that anyone could use and afford. 



At the time when the company was created, Alex, who was pregnant and working full time struggled with severe back pain and loved to take long hot baths after working all day.  Using just plain hot water where we live, which was VERY hard water, severely dried out her already sensitive skin so she turned to bath bombs to help with moisturizing her sensitive skin and products that would be safe for baby as well. 

That proved to quickly become a problem because purchasing bath bombs at retail locations came with a very high price and then what we found was used in them was not something we wanted on our bodies and certainly not something we wanted our family & friends to continue using.


So Lynette & Alex came up with the idea of making their own bath bombs. In November 2016, research was started and a recipe was created. They were so happy with their results and the amount of bath bombs they had made that they offered them to family & friends to sample and test out.  It was a hit!


The next year was spent testing and experimenting and by Christmas 2017 they had so many requests for bath bombs that The Skin Candy was launched as an actual business.


Today, we have fulfilled thousands of orders and we continue to pride ourselves in being a family owned business.

I will leave you with cute photos of the grand babies.  Aren't they yummy?



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